Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dog Cafe: Paw Pet-radise Cafe

We're open!
Today let's introduce my favourite place to hang out: Paw Pet-radise Cafe! 

Blackboard menu on the wall.
 We've been here many times already, but we keep coming back!

All at attention, anything for food.
From L: Mango, Nugget, Echo, Valentine
There's a large area in the middle for dogs to play/run around. You don't have to constantly turn your head around and round trying to look for your dog. Though this does limit the seating, but I feel that it's way better this way. Photos from multiple visits over the past year! Mango went from very shy, whole time hiding under my chair to going out from under the chair/table to running out sniffing everyone! And he knows where we're headed once we get out of the car and heads automatically in the direction of the cafe.

Happy face.

 Where dogs rest, eat and play.

There's a doggy menu that changes quite often. Check the whiteboard next to the menu for the day's list of doggy food! Here are some of the things we've had. And some that no pictures were taken because we gobbled the food up too fast.

Porky Meatballs

Strawberry ice cream tart
I think this tart was one of the first few items from Superdog Kitchen that was available in the cafe. There are now more tarts that get sold out so fast everytime they're available.

The above mixed fruit ice cream tart was so yummy! Though I didn't like the blueberries...

Human food at the cafe is pretty good too!

Onion Rings

Nachos with cheese dip

Tuna mayo sandwich

Mushroom Olio

Beef Lasagne 

Ham & Mushroom in White Sauce
Mama's and Aunty Eunice's ultimate favourite..... *drumrolls*

Tom Yum Seafood
Also, if you're ordering the sides for the mains, please order the Garlic Bread Sticks. You won't regret it. 
Aren't we the cutest?

Happy me!
Mama says the thing she likes about this place is the people, the space for us to run, the doggy food selection (though not huge but of good quality), the parking (there's a HDB carpark round the corner, Mama reallllyyy hates places with limited parking), the human food and it's not too far away from home. Will do more reviews of other dog cafes soon! Hehe. Means more outings for me!!! Yayyyyyyy

Paw Pet-radise Cafe (FB page)
530 Balestier Road Monville Mansion #01-07
Singapore 329857 (Map from Street Directory - Park at Ah Hood Gardens)
Tel: 9747 3295

Opening hours:
Mon: 17:00 - 23:00
Wed - Thur: 14:00 - 23:00
Fri: 14:00 - 02:00
Sat: 11:00 - 02:00
Sun: 11:00 - 23:00
Closed on Tuesdays

Please check their FB updates to see if they're closed for any private functions!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Punggol Waterway Park and Punggol Point Park

Found time to finally head down to Punggol Waterway Park ever since I saw someone post photos of this tree online (from Christopher Vu). Although I need to add a disclaimer that the sunset sure wasn't that colour that day. Sometimes you get a really amazing sunset, sometimes you don't. Hahaha. But I love the picture, so until we get to take another photo of this with an awesome sunset, this will do. 

Walkies!! Photo spam. The park is actually quite big. we went one round around the park itself, took pictures, walked some more. Mama forgot to bring water for me so we kind of cut short the walk. 

The lone tree is near the starred area!

So after which, we headed to Punggol Point Park.

It's the starred area on the map! You can walk along the beach or go eat seafood at The Punggol Settlement building which houses a few restaurants an a bicycle rental shop. Or just stroll around Punggol Point Park which actually comprises of 2 or 3 really huge ponds with many terrapins. Hahaha. The Punggol Point Walk looked good but it was getting dark so we walked around the Punggol Stables then had dinner.

Btw, did you know that Punggol Stables has chalet units for booking? Best part? Dogs ARE ALLOWED!!! Mama is so going to come here with me one day. Hahaha.

Bacon & Booze
Settled for dinner here (human food only), but they had water bowls for dogs! Really good because I was dying of thirst. *stares at mama*

Cha soba with Seaweed Chicken
Shepherd's pie.
Mama says food was quite good, though they don't do doggy food. But good enough! Oh, we do have to take outdoor seating though, which is normal in most places anyway. So this place goes under "Dog-Friendly Cafes/Restaurants", where dogs are allowed but not off leash within the compound but leashed and outdoors.

Happy me!
Want to go back again! Must remember to bring water next time.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My first birthday party invite: Cookie's 2nd Birthday!

For the first time in my life, I got invited to a doggie birthday party!! How eggciting! SomewhiteCookie's mummy invited us to his birthday party! He's turning 2 soon, and it's his first time spending his birthday with his mummy! Went to the Marina Barrage for the party!

Much running!

The birthday boy, Cookie!! So handsome!

Actually, first time meeting everyone there other than Donna (@weliveinaflat), whom I only met yesterday. Everyone's (dogs) on Instagram! That's how we met. Like online dating, eh? Haha. But everyone was nice!! And we all sounded like old friends already. HAHAHAHA. Time to spam photos!! Glad mummy brought her camera to snap photos of us all.

The wind in my hair. And a pretty bowtie from Echo and Nugget's mummy from long ago, but first time wearing it! Think I will wear it more often now. Hehehe.

 Me on the left and Keisha (@shiro_keisha) on the right! Such a pretty and feisty lady!

AHAHAHAH this Donna (@weliveinaflat) and Kanon (@kanon_boy) are hilarious. They kept chasing each other playing and mummy snapped this. While I watched safely from the sidelines, behind mummy.

Me again on the left with Lucky (@chocbanaa) on the right. Handsome young man!

Kooky (@kookysheltie) and his mama on the right, whose birthday is coming soon!


Lexie and Lycan doing the chase
Lycan and Lexie (@lycanlexie) soon arrived and much more chasing ensued!! But after awhile we had to go back on leash cos the security guard kept hovering by... But we didn't disturb anyone and we were far far from the crowds!! And we didn't even wander off. Everyone was well-behaved!! Anyway dogs have to be leashed here.. So take note.

Lucky and Donna with doggles on her head! I want a pair too!

Gift for Cookie!
Shared gift for Cookie with Donna! Hehe. Hope he likes it!!

Picture perfect couple.
Next, the pawrents tried doing something crazy. They attempted to get all 12 of us to take a group photo!

Arranging the dogs.
Some of the humans were behind some of us to hold us while some were taking pictures. Ehhh. Since mama was alone.... I decided to keep jumping off the bench!

Credits: weliveinaflat
Everyone's ready except me.... Hehehehe.

Group photo!
So we finally finally got a group photo!!!

From left to right: Lycan and Lexie @lycanlexie > Mango @mangothesheltie > Donna @weliveinaflat > Lucky @chocbanaa > Birthday Boy Cookie @somewhitecookie > Paris @parislepetite > Kooky @kookysheltie > Lucky @lucky_pat > Kanon @kanon_boy > Shiro and Keisha @shiro_keisha

All the Instagram doggies =D Go follow them all!

Kooky and I! 


Pretty Paris! Love her tail! Can I dye mine too mama?

Happy Barkday Cookie!
Hope you had fun today!!! Let's do this again soon!!!